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Roman Martin

I believe life provides us with two beautiful challenges:

Attention and relationships are the basis of creating a great life.

Humans have a tremendous capacity for developing beautiful, loving and fulfilling relationships with others.

However, relationships by their very nature are complex. A failure to address these complexities results in conflict and unhappiness.

Theory of Attention will help you to understand how human relationships work and how they can be improved.

You can learn more about this fascinating theory in my book and through my training, courses, consultations and talks (online too) Learn more

Our main purpose in life is to fulfil  our potential: to activate and maximize it, and become the best version of ourselves in order to get a sense of fulfilment and live the joyful life we deserve.

The best way to get the most from our  potential is by following the motto: Learn – Create – Share

  • Learn what is around us and  what we can learn  from others.
  • Create new things that were not there before.
  • Share  what we have learned and created with others.

A simple formula to get to know ourselves better and make those around us happier.

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Attention Reframed

"You have no idea how much you have helped me! Your concept of attention for understanding people and learning how to deal with them to heal myself has been a transformative experience for me! I am so much lighter and freer! Thank you so much"

Hessam Sadat-Tehari

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Art Collector - Palo Alto, California


Let’s create together to inspire your team to Trust and Respect
each other more. OUR TRAINING SESSIONS and WORKSHOPS will help
your organization achieves a healthy and efficient internal performance
within your team.

“Thanks to the ideas on trust that Roman taught me through his Theory of Attention, I have a much better understanding of how I can make my executive team more cohesive and engaged”

Ana Fernández

Country Manager, Théa Pharmaceuticals Barcelona (Spain)

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Want to know if someone is happy? Simply observe how much that person complains. Life can be hard…, but it is certainly more difficult if we are not able to face it with the most positive attitude possible. Moreover, in the course of our lives, we will coincide with people who are more positive than

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Loneliness in the workplace? Let’s talk about #loneliness . Loneliness is the 21st-century unspoken pandemic that has intensified in the covid and post-covid era (affecting already more than 50% in USA and UK, and increasing dramatically in Europe and Japan (more statistics here). Companies are not spared from having this pandemic among their employees. How do this pandemic

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